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Adopt Me: Meet An Nii Moosh (adopted)

He is looking for a family with children 13+, who will be patient and allow him to adjust
An nii moosh - gotcha

CollingwoodToday, in partnership with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.

An Nii Moosh

Hey friends, I'm An Nii Moosh. What a beautiful and unique sounding name, you say? Why thank you! You probably didn't know this, but my name actually means "dog".

I'm a handsome two-year-old guy here at GTHS looking to find myself a loving family. I'm just shy of 60lbs and sure am ready to start this fun new chapter of my life!

So, let’s get started by telling you a bit about myself.

I'm kind of a special guy looking for a special home and find myself still settling in here at GTHS (I admit, new surroundings make me a little nervous). Thankfully, the GTHS humans are being very kind and patient with me and allowing me to get to know them and settle in at my own pace. I sure hope my new family is comfortable and willing to do the same for me!

Although I may come across a bit nervous when we first meet, I do warm up quickly and really enjoy meeting new people and interacting with the humans.

That said, because of my initial nervousness, it will be very important that I go home with someone who has lots of doggie experience and is familiar with canine body language (this will help you understand when I'm feeling nervous or scared). Once I've decided that I'm comfortable with you and we become buddies, I really am a big sweetheart!

The GTHS humans have also been helping me work on my leash manners since I've arrived and I've been doing a great job so far. I do still need my new family to continue working with me but I am trying to learn quickly because I really LOVE going out for walks (and sure hope we'll go on lots together).

Another thing I'm working on is something the GTHS humans call "reactivity"... this tends to happen when I see other dogs and the GTHS humans are working to show me how to act properly when I see other doggies and start getting all worked up.

This is another reason why an experienced owner will be important. I need someone who is comfortable and confident in continuing to work with me on my reactivity. I promise I'll continue to try my very best for you!

Because of this, I'd like very much to find a home with no tiny humans under the age of 13, please.

Oh and because the GTHS humans don't know too much about my past, it sure would help me out a lot if my new family brought me home with realistic expectations, and by this I just mean being patient and understanding if I sometimes display some puppy-like behaviours (you know, things like if I have an accident or chew something I'm not supposed, just while I'm getting familiar with my new surroundings and learning proper doggie manners!)

Anyway, I just know with the right, experienced people that I am going to blossom into the best doggie ever!! And, I just can't wait to start learning and working together!

My adoption fee is $400 and includes my neuter, up to date vaccinations, de-wormer and a microchip!

I can't wait to start our new life together soon!
xoxo An Nii Moosh

*If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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