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Adopt Me: Emma is looking for a specific type of home (adopted)

She needs experienced, understanding owners as she is fairly skittish, but the right doggie companion could help her relax

CollingwoodToday, in partnership with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Oh, hi there everyone! My name is Emma, and I'm a big, shy girl looking for my special someone.

I arrived at GTHS a while ago after arriving as a stray. We looked and looked but couldn't find anyone claiming to be my humans, so now I'm ready to start a new chapter with a new family.

I'm no tiny lady at about 75lbs, and at six years old, I'm done with the puppy sillies, and I am a nice mature adult now. Please do have a good read through my profile, as I really need a bit of a specific placement to be a happy, stress-free girl.

I hope you can understand that when I first arrived at GTHS, I sure was scared! I admit, I was a little shut down and pretty unsure about all these new people, smells, and sounds but the GTHS humans didn't rush me.

After a couple of weeks of decompression time, the people here started to see my true sweet self slowly shine through. So, it will be important for my new family to understand that! I really am such a sweet girl but I really need a family who can be patient and understanding of my need to go slow at first. Time and kindness are what help us fearful dogs feel most comfortable, after all.

Finding people who have experience with nervous, fearful dogs will be an important must-have, and the same goes for a good understanding of doggie body language, please. This way you'll be able to tell when I'm feeling happy and comfortable or nervous and unsure.

Guidance and reassurance from an experienced handler sure will help me be the best Emma I can be! and please understand, it may take A COUPLE MEETINGS between my new family and me before I'm actually ready to go home with you... Oh and due to my shy nature, I'd ask to please find a home with no children. 18+ or adults only is what I'm after!

Now, because of my fear and nervousness, the humans have placed me in this thing called the "Underdog Program". It means the GTHS humans have identified that I have some behaviours that I will need my new humans to continue working on with me. Don't worry, you'll get lots of information from the GTHS team to help us both be successful... and they've lowered my adoption fee to $100 to really try to help me find my perfect family!

Oh, and included in my adoption fee is a free one-hour consult with the GTHS Behaviour Specialist! So if you have questions or need some support, she's there to help! How great is that?

Although I've been a little slower to come around with my human friends here at GTHS, I've been very politely greeting all the GTHS dogs I've come across so far. I've had playtime with a couple of different doggies and have been a very polite, well-mannered girl! So, I'd say I'm definitely quicker to make friends with fellow canines than with humans right now. Who knows, maybe even having another social, friendly, and confident dog at home would be beneficial for a shy girl like me, to help show me the ropes and that I don't need to be so scared of everything!

I would also ask to find a home with a big, secure, fenced-in backyard, please. Not only do I love outside time in the backyard but I sure do love getting out for lots of walks too! That said, I need a litttttle bit of work on my leash manners....hehe I'm quite a strong big girl, so being able to handle my strength while we work on my leash skills together will be important too! What would REALLY be perfect for me is a home with lots of space. No noisy cities or scary subdivisions but a nice, quiet, and maybe rural place to call home.

So, I hope that helps give you an idea of the kind of home and family I'm looking for.

I have sooo much potential and really am just the sweetest girl, I just need an experienced and special someone to continue to show me that the world isn't so scary. A nice calm, quiet and love-filled home sounds just right for this Emma!

My adoption fee is $100 and includes my spay, up-to-date vaccinations, dewormer, a microchip and a one-hour consult with our GTHS Canine Behaviour Specialist within three months of adoption.

Slow wags,
xoxo Emma

*If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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