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TBM spraying for Wild Chervil

Spraying began May 11
Wild chervil is an invasive plant that can be found along roadsides, forest edges, and open meadows. It reproduces primarily by seed and has the capacity to out compete native plants for habitat, as well as host a disease that affects carrots, celery and parsnips. Leslie J. Mehrhoff/University of Connecticut/

The Town of The Blue Mountains has advised the public that weed spraying for Wild Chervil began on May 11.

Under the Weed Control Act, the town is required to control Wild Chervil. The pesticide application will be conducted by a licensed technician and only applied to roadside areas that appear visually unkept and where there is evidence of Wild Chervil.

The town estimates the spraying will be finished in three days. The town has a spraying map on its website to help identify the expected locations of the spraying.

The town also has an Invasive Species section on its website that includes a list of frequently asked questions.

The town will be spraying roads under the town’s jurisdiction. Spraying on Grey County roads will be conducted by the county. More information is available at the county’s website.