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County does fancy footwork to make bucket list ballroom dancing lessons happen

A long-term care home resident got her dream dance thanks to a few extra steps taken by volunteers and staff
2020_12_16 LTC Grey County_JG
A LTC visitor and former ballroom dance instructor recently helped a resident realize her lifelong ambition of learning how to ballroom dance. Contributed photo/ Grey County.

It was a concerted effort to accomplish what might have been a simple pleasure pre-pandemic, but staff and volunteers took the extra steps to grant the wish of a long-term care resident.

Rockwood Terrace resident Murial H. told staff at her long-term care home that her bucket list included a ballroom dancing lesson. 

With a bit of luck, she got her wish. 

Grey County's three long-term care homes had already put in place a program called Designated Care Partner, which allowed each resident to identify up to two people to be their designated care partners. The idea was to meet social and emotional needs of residents who face unprecedented isolation. 

Each care partner is educated on infection prevention and gets tested for COVID-19 every 14 days. 

Once staff learned about Muriel's bucket list request, they found out there was a ballroom dancing instructor (Jim) who was already a designated care partner for another resident on Muriel's wing at Rockwood Terrace. 

Staff worked with Jim and Muriel's family to arrange a ballroom dancing lesson with COVID-19 prevention precautions in place.

Muriel arrived at her dance lesson dressed for the occasion, corsage included, to meet her dance partner on Dec. 13.

Outside, family members watched and flashed perfect 10s for Muriel and Jim's dancing performance.

You can watch the video, courtesy of Grey County, here.