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Top real estate, mortgage professionals now under one roof

Brokerage expands to provide end-to-end service
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Mark Faris, CEO & Broker, Faris Team Real Estate Brokerage (Left), Tim L. Walker, Principal Broker, Faris Team Mortgage Brokerage (Right)

Some things in life just go hand in hand.

This is certainly true of mortgages and real estate because, without one, the other doesn’t exist.

Until now, homebuyers have had to look beyond their real estate agency to arrange financing for their purchase. That was simply the way things have always been done.

But Faris Team recently looked beyond what’s standard and launched a unique partnership that better serves their clients. Faris Team Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage helps take the stress out of homebuying by connecting these much-needed services. The team that is already known for its comprehensive real estate services, which includes award-winning sales and marketing, now provides free mortgage purchasing services for standard mortgage transactions.

It’s an industry-leading change in Canada, thought to be one of the first to bring together two such businesses under one roof. Many stand to benefit too, as the brokerage looks forward to helping homebuyers from across Southern Ontario and beyond.

This approach definitely helps simplify the home buying process. The real estate brokerage can help you find your ideal home and draw up an offer to purchase, while the mortgage brokerage arm can help you secure the right financing. 

Homebuyers will be pleased to discover they have a variety of financing solutions to choose from. This includes access to more mortgage providers and different lenders than the ones typically offered by traditional financial institutions. Buyers will also enjoy more flexibility to access a custom mortgage that truly fits their individual real estate goals.

“The home purchasing process can be quite stressful, and during a pandemic, clients are finding it even more so. Having professional help to find the right mortgage—at no cost for the typical mortgage transaction—takes away some of that stress,” says Tim L. Walker, Principal Broker, Faris Team Mortgage Brokerage.  

The team will explain your credit score, help you figure out how much house you can afford, review your budget and provide guidance on how to save for a down payment. They’ll also create a ‘before buying a home’ checklist, find the mortgage that’s right for you, and manage all communications between your lender and Realtor®. 

You’ll even have complimentary access to the team’s professional mortgage negotiators who will comparison shop for you and secure the most competitive rates. They work directly with big banks, credit unions, trust companies, private and alternative lenders. The brokers keep your best interests at heart throughout and generously share their unbiased advice. They’ll explain the nuances of the lending process in plain language and empower you to make choices confidently. 

To learn more about this end-to-end, stress-free real estate experience, visit Faris Team Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage or call 705-797-8485. In-person or virtual appointments are available.