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Summer Safety: Reducing risk with cordless window coverings from Simply Blinds

Multiple options are available to keep your smallest loved ones safe

Keeping kids safe is every caregiver’s number one priority. Parents and grandparents comb every inch of the property to eliminate risks and childproof the space, indoors and out.

But, what about – up?

Windows fitted with dated window blinds in the home or cottage pose a hazard to children, and injury due to exposed cords or chains can happen in a matter of seconds. In fact, Health Canada announced new regulations for corded window coverings in May 2021, in an effort to prevent injury and strangulation in children. These rules apply not only to residential properties, but to commercial and corporate properties as well.

Seasonal home owners, cottagers, permanent residents and business owners in the Collingwood area can find several safe, cordless window covering options at Simply Blinds in Collingwood.

Kirstyn Thomas is the owner & operator of Simply Blinds, which offers in-home service and an expansive product line that includes safer window covering options. “We offer several cordless alternatives”, says Thomas. “There are motorized systems, and a manual operation using a wand or a crank system. It’s the same basic operation, but without exposed cords or chains.”

One of the company’s most popular choices is the Décor-a-Safe line by Maxxmar. This product uses a patented wand design with a hand crank system that easily rolls the blind to open or close, without any exposed cords or chains. Another Maxxmar innovation, the Genius mechanism, uses a pull-handle motion to safely open and close the blinds.

Simply Blinds also installs motorized window coverings that can be custom-fit to any window in the home or cottage. The Graber motorization app works with any compatible home or mobile device and allows the user to open and close the blinds remotely.

This option is ideal for hard-to-reach windows, and it provides invaluable security as it can be set to open and close blinds every day, even when the property is unoccupied. The app also connects with smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa for the added convenience of using voice control to open and close the blinds.

Custom made for Collingwood

Simply Blinds in Collingwood offers a wide variety of window coverings and treatments, starting from $100 per window. “Everything is custom made for the customer, even specialty shapes”, explains Kirstyn, who provides in-home consultations to customers in the Collingwood area. The convenience of having the entire process take place in the home with online ordering is perfect for seasonal property owners and cottagers with hard-to-find windows or limited time.

“I’ll come and take measurements of the windows, and bring samples to them. We review the products and options, then I’ll provide a quote that works with their budget. I’ll also factor in what they want from the blinds; things like energy efficiency and room darkening – there’s more than just appearance to think about.”

Once ready, Simply Blinds provides professional installation in Collingwood and surrounding areas, and if there are any problems with the fit or the product, Kirstyn and her crew will make it right. “Our customers don’t have to worry about mismeasuring or ordering the wrong size, and they don’t need sit on hold with customer service. If there is a problem, we will remove the blind and send it back to the manufacturer.”

For a complimentary quote and in-home consultation, and more information about safer cordless window covering options, contact Simply Blinds in Collingwood today.

Simply Blinds Collingwood can be reached at (705) 441-0079 or found online here.