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Smart water treatment solutions for your cottage

How to ensure clean, safe water for cooking and drinking
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We all look forward to spending time at the cottage and put a lot of preparation in, so we’ll have everything we need. We make sure to stock up on groceries and supplies, but rarely do we think enough about the quality of the water we’ll be drinking when we get there. 

Unfortunately, the more rustic, natural environment in cottage country could mean your water isn’t actually safe to cook with or drink. It often contains bacteria and disease-carrying micro-organisms. If you’re using a well as your water source, your water could have high levels of copper, iron, manganese and large amounts of organic particles.

To ensure everyone has reliably clean and safe drinking water, you may find that you need a customized rural water treatment plan. Consider these effective solutions:

A UV system

The best way to disinfect your water and protect it against any potential water-borne pathogens and micro-organisms is by using an ultraviolet system. It works by using a UV lamp to inactivate any micro-organisms, which drastically improves the quality of your water without adding any harsh chemicals. 

But before your water can even make it to the UV lamp, a couple of preliminary steps are highly recommended. These come in the forms of pre-treatments and filters. Water that comes from lakes and wells is unique and may require these extra first steps in order for it to be made safe for consumption. Pre-treatment ensures that the UV system can provide the highest level of disinfection possible. 

Sediment filtration

A sediment pre-filter helps capture any sediment, sand and silt that’s commonly found in lake and well water, which naturally contains large amounts of organic and inorganic material. This can block your pipes and clog or compromise any water treatment products you may be using. When you place a sediment filter ahead of your water treatment system, it catches and contains these unwanted materials, allowing your UV system to work far more effectively.

Tannin filtration

A tannin filter removes the amber colour that is common in cottage water. It is unsightly, and usually caused by rotting leaves and other materials. A tannin filter is another tool that helps increase the performance of a good UV system. 

Iron filtration

High levels of iron in the water are also problematic. It leaves rust stains in your sink, tub and toilet; you might also notice that water coming out of your taps appears brown, has an unpleasant smell and a metallic taste. It’s a common problem in cottage country but one that can easily be treated through Water Depot’s Iron Slayer, a septic-bed-safe treatment that reduces the iron in your water without the addition of any chemicals. It relies on safe and effective air injection technology.

Reverse Osmosis

Another great filtration method is a Reverse Osmosis system. It uses a series of filters and a reverse osmosis membrane to reduce harmful chemicals and other contaminants, leaving you with high-quality, purified drinking water. The water is conveniently stored in a sealed tank, usually placed underneath your sink.

Water softener

Water in rural environments can contain hard minerals that render water treatment equipment less effective. The way to treat this is with a water softener; it will remove these hard minerals and immediately improve your water quality. It will also improve the efficiency of your appliances, plumbing and water treatment equipment and help them last longer—quite a benefit in itself. Soft water is also a lot gentler on your skin and hair.

Make sure your family has safe drinking water both at the cottage and at home. The staff at Water Depot are your cottage country water experts; they can provide your family with clean, clear water that everyone can feel good about drinking. 

The store carries a full range of water treatment equipment, made to work alone or in tandem. They also offer cottage opening, closing and maintenance packages. 

The staff at Water Depot are always happy to share advice and answer any questions. To arrange your free water test, contact Water Depot Wasaga Beach at 705-422-1938 or Water Depot Owen Sound at 519-371-1111.