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New to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur – Local cannabis retailer caters to a wide variety of customers

Since legalization in 2018, there has been a steady increase of cannabis retailers offering a wide variety of products and accessories.

Since legalization in 2018, there has been a steady increase of cannabis retailers offering a wide variety of products and accessories. There is now something for everyone interested in recreational cannabis and Speakeasy Cannabis Company is perfectly poised to continue to grow along with the industry. 

Exciting Industry Moves Quickly

According to Chelsea Murray, General Manager of Speakeasy Cannabis Company, recreational cannabis is an incredibly fast-moving industry. “Every single day, working in this industry brings a new and exciting challenge,” she says.

Speakeasy Cannabis Company is a fully licensed cannabis dispensary that was launched in April of 2020. They currently have locations in Bowmanville, Cambridge, Midland and Wasaga Beach and a fifth location coming to Penetanguishene. All of their locations carry controlled cannabis substances straight from Ontario Cannabis Store as well as a diverse selection of accessories from vendors all over the world. 

Finding the Right Retailer

Entering a cannabis retailer for the first time can be an amazing experience. The diverse assortment of cannabis products available is astounding. Speakeasy Cannabis Company carries a wide variety of cannabis products including flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and seeds. They also carry cannabis accessories of all kinds. 

According to Chelsea, shopping for cannabis should be a comfortable and unhurried experience aided by helpful staff. “We try to make customers feel comfortable shopping with us by providing them with a familiar and welcoming space to ask questions, to try new products and to get advice from a knowledgeable and diverse group of budtenders,” says Chelsea. 

Excellent Customer Service is Key

Shopping for recreational cannabis is enhanced by professional guidance. Budtenders are able to share insights into the types of cannabis on offer. They are able to expertly guide customers to help them discover something new or to find a specific product.  “We treat everyone like a friend or family,” says Chelsea. “We genuinely want to hear about our customers’ experiences with any products they have tried. We thrive on educating ourselves, and in turn, our customers. 

Chelsea says that hiring staff with a variety of experiences is important for catering to their eclectic mix of customers. “Every member of our team brings something different to the table. We have staff that are cannabis users, CBD connoisseurs, edible enthusiasts, as well as several upbeat folks that don’t use our products but just love to educate and help others,” she says. 

Cannabis Dispensary with a Twist

It is not just the helpful staff or variety of products that matter when falling in love with a cannabis retailer, though. Speakeasy Cannabis has put a lot of effort into the look and feel of their spaces. The décor of Speakeasy Cannabis takes customers back to the roaring 20s and the times of prohibition. “We have worked hard to create an environment that promotes the 1920’s speakeasy vibe. Each of our locations contain authentic antiques from the 1900’s and earlier,” explains Chelsea. 

Chelsea says that their customers love the design of their stores. “We have found that our customer base is saturated with a mature crowd. Folks that enjoy the speakeasy vibe, the unique antiques and design – as well as the massive product selection we offer,” she says. 

Speakeasy Cannabis’ new location in Wasaga Beach is open now! They have a complete menu available at