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Hoping for a summer job? The time to start searching is now

Students have the opportunity to find the best fit for their interests and skills if they start early

As winter starts to fade away and spring approaches, many youth and students are beginning to think about what they'll be doing during the summer. While it might seem too early to start planning for a summer job during March break, experts suggest that starting the job search early can have a number of benefits.

“Employers often start posting summer job listings as early as February and March, which means that students who start searching for summer jobs early can get a head start on the competition,” says Brenda Hewgill, Job Developer at TRACKS Employment Services, located in Collingwood, Ontario. “Starting the search early also gives job seekers more time to research different job opportunities and to consider which positions are the best fit for their skills and interests.”

Government positions, in Ontario for example, have already posted their summer 2023 employment opportunities. 

"Starting the search for a summer job early is one of the best ways for students to ensure that they find a position that they will enjoy," says Hewgill. "By starting early, students can explore different opportunities and find the job that matches their interests, rather than settling for something they're not enthusiastic about."

Another benefit of starting the search early is that it gives students more time to prepare their applications and resumes. This can be especially important for students who are new to the job market and may not have much experience with job applications.

"Starting the search early gives students the opportunity to work on their resume, cover letter and job application skills," says Hewgill. "Students who take the time to prepare their applications early may be  more likely to stand out to employers and to be invited for an interview."

Finally, starting the search for a summer job early can also reduce stress levels for students. With so many other things to worry about during the school year, leaving the job search for the summer can be an added stressor. Starting earlier can help students to alleviate some of that stress and enjoy the rest of the school year knowing what comes next  without worrying about their summer job prospects.

The  knowledgeable staff at TRACKS Employment and Resource Services are ready to help students prepare their applications and resumes and access employment resources. 

So don't wait – start exploring your summer job options today by reaching out to a TRACKS Employment Counsellor.