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Harrison Denture Clinic offers patient-centred denture services

Restoring confidence, comfort, function and smile – one patient at a time
Harrison Denture Clinic

For over 30 years, Harrison Denture Clinic has been serving the residents of Collingwood with patient-centred care. Having fabricated close to 20,000 dentures over the years, the clinic uses modern, state of the art equipment and provides a full range of denture services including new dentures, relines and repairs, snoring appliances, mouth guards and adjustments. To ensure the best possible care to its patients, the clinic also works closely with dentists and oral surgeons in treatment planning.

The team comprises of owner and operator Jim Harrison DD, Hayley Carr DD, Cynthia and Tara, level two dental assistants, Richard, dental technician and Lisa Harrison office manager.

Dedicated to treating patients and their unique situations, the staff at Harrison Denture Clinic has treated oral cancer patients, teenagers suffering from sports trauma and accidents as well as those with congenitally missing teeth.

Have you been told that some or all your damaged or diseased teeth must come out? Harrison Denture Clinic has helped thousands of people navigate the difficult circumstances of tooth loss, making sure the right decisions are made and that patients are ultimately restored to looking, feeling and functioning like themselves again.

Already wear dentures? If so, it is important to understand that dentures have a lifespan. They don’t last forever. Wearing old or ill-fitted dentures can affect one’s overall health. Don’t suffer or live a limited life because of dentures. There are many new materials, methods and techniques that can be employed to make dentures look great, fit well and function beautifully.

Be sure to visit your Denturist regularly as part of your recommended check-up schedule. Some medications can affect denture fit and comfort, so be sure to discuss this with your doctor and Denturist.

Harrison Denture Clinic is patient-centred and they genuinely care about the people in their care. It’s the principal reason the clinic has thrived and succeeded through three decades of practice - one patient at a time.

Contact Harrison Denture Clinic at 705-445-1121 - consultations are always free. Let their team help restore your confidence, comfort, function and smile.