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Harrison Denture Clinic has been serving the Georgian Triangle for over 30 years

Experienced team aims to provide cost-effective, patient-centred care using the most modern and advanced techniques and materials

The Harrison Denture Clinic (HDC) has been serving the residents of the Georgian Triangle including Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury and Creemore with patient-centred care for over three decades.

Over the years the team at HDC has fabricated close to 20,000 dentures using state of the art techniques, materials and technology.

The clinic provides a full range of denture and implant related services including complete dentures, many different types of partial dentures; flexible, invisible clasp, inexpensive acrylic and precision cast partials. They also fabricate snap down implant dentures, implant teeth in a day and snoring appliances while offering denture repairs, adjustments, relines and professional cleaning.

To ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients, HDC collaborates daily with many different local dentists, oral surgeons, medical doctors, NDs, hygienists, chiropractors and other specialists.

The HDC team is headed up by Denturists Jim Harrison and Hayley Carr. The team is rounded out by assistants Cynthia and Tara, laboratory technician Ricard and office manager Lisa.

The team is dedicated to meeting the individual and varied needs of their patients, which include those suffering from tooth loss due to accident or trauma, tooth and gum diseases, systemic diseases like cancer and its various surgical and non-surgical treatments (radiation therapy). Many of these patients have been missing teeth for many years and some are just starting the process. Others have been dealing with dental problems since childhood and are relieved to finally do something about it. Most have gone through the pain and expense of multiple dental interventions including cavities and fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, orthodontics, sometimes implants and eventually extraction and tooth loss.

The knowledgeable and experienced team at HDC work with patients to come up with the best possible plan for each patient.

Jim Harrison says, “It is our job to listen to our patients, validate their experience and in collaboration with them, come up with the best possible solution to their dental problem. Dentures, partial or full, are the most cost effective way to replace multiple missing teeth. We take the time to assess each individual patient’s mouth, tooth and gum structures, overall health needs, nutrition requirements, esthetic wishes, smile and bite preferences, budget and overall look. When we are done we want them to look and feel their best. We figure this out by mostly just listening to them.”

For patients who already wear dentures, it is important to understand that dentures have a lifespan, they don’t last forever. The materials break down over time and begin to stain and harbour harmful bacteria. Wearing old or ill-fitting dentures can affect a person’s overall health and well-being. There are many new materials, methods and technologies that can be employed to make dentures look great, fit well and function beautifully.

Be sure to visit the Denturist regularly as part of your check-up schedule. Certain medications can also affect fit and comfort, so be sure to discuss this with your health care provider and Denturist.

HDC is patient-centred and they genuinely care about the people they treat. It is the principal reason that the clinic has thrived and succeeded through over three decades of practice- one patient at a time.

Contact HDC online or at 705-445-1121 - consultations are always free. Let the HDC team of experienced professionals restore your confidence, comfort, function and smile!