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Employers! Why choose the Canada Ontario Job Grant Program?

Here’s what to know and how it can help your business grow

If you are an employer with a particular skills demand, the Canada-Ontario Job Grant might be right for you.

Your workforce is surely your most valuable asset. With new technologies, globalization, and shifting demographics, the combination of available jobs and the skills people need to succeed in them are changing rapidly.

By supporting continued education and training opportunities of your employees, you will maintain and improve your competitive advantage. You are not only strengthening your business success, but providing your workers tools to grow and adapt to change within your company.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) provides opportunities for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government.

The grant provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to purchase training for their employees. It is available to small, medium and large businesses with a plan to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees.

Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada Job Grant Programs delivered by the Government of Ontario.

It is important to know:

  • Employers can get up to $10,000 per person in government support for training costs.
  • The training has to be delivered by an eligible, third-party trainer.
  • Employers with 100 or more employees need to contribute 1/2 of the training costs. Small employers with less than 100 employees need to contribute 1/6 of training costs.
  • “New Hire” trainees will be automatically assessed for 100% funding. The maximum support for textbooks, software and other training materials are $500 for each trainee. The maximum allowable support for travel costs are $500 per trainee and is only supported when the distance travelled is greater than 24 km each way. If the employer has a travel costs policy, travel costs will be supported according to the employer’s policy up to the maximum $500 per trainee.
  • Business consulting, apprenticeship training, nor any training required by law, such as, that which results in certification is NOT eligible under the grant. Senior management and owner training also does not qualify for training with this grant.

To be eligible employers must:

  • Be an individual private or not-for-profit sector employer, First Nations or organizations acting on behalf of employers;
  • Make minimum cash contributions towards training costs;
  • Employ the individual selected for training. Higher priority is given to employers who are training and hiring unemployed individuals. If the employer has hired an unemployed individual to fill a vacancy, the offer of employment can be conditional upon the individual having completed training and subject to the employer’s regular probationary period
  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario;
  • Be applying for training that is delivered in Ontario and is related to a job that is also located in Ontario;
  • Comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act;
  • Maintain appropriate Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or private workplace safety insurance coverage;
  • Have adequate third-party general liability insurance;
  • Comply with all applicable federal and provincial human rights legislation, regulations, and any other relevant standards.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applications must be submitted electronically and can be found online here.  

Tracks Employment can help you with your application. Contact us today!