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A summer job in Collingwood feeds valuable experience to your resume

Seasonal positions may open doors to a future career or offer an opportunity to try something different

Now is the time to apply for a summer job in the Collingwood area by taking part in programs and services provided by TRACKS Employment Services and reviewing the job board for available opportunities. Summer jobs, also known as seasonal positions, provide a great opportunity to try out occupations and areas of interest, develop vital career skills, add to your savings account, and foster life-long friendships.

A summer job is a chance to try something new, it doesn’t need to correlate with your career and can lead to an incredible learning opportunity that might just put your name on the map.

One member of the Tracks Board of Directors once held a summer position leading a team of Newfoundlanders on the northern peninsula, doing soil sampling, trenching, blasting, and choropleth mapping during the national geological assessment of Canada in the early 60s. As the mapper, they named one of the lakes not yet on any topographic maps of Newfoundland, where it remains.

Another Board Member worked one summer as a grave digger. He really dug his job!

Administrator Bradley Green’s uncle worked in a hatchery as an egg rotator and sexed pullets over several summers. Upon graduation, he joined the farm and eventually managed its western Canadian operations!

While summer job opportunities in Collingwood may not all seem as exciting or unique, they do provide amazing opportunities for growth, development, and income.

According to Jobillico the 8 In-Demand 2022 Summer Jobs in Canada are in

  • Construction
  • IT Support
  • Landscaping
  • Retail
  • National Park Attendant
  • Server/Bartender
  • Recreation Centre Supervisor
  • Hotel/Travel

TRACKS Aids Collingwood Youth in Finding Summer Jobs

Collingwood has a wide range of summer jobs opportunities for both university and secondary school students so they can save money through the summer months and gain valuable working experience to strengthen their resumes.

While Tracks Employment provides assistance to all ages, it also offers programs specifically for youth looking for a summer job. The specialized Student Program (YJCS) supports and guides young people between 15 and 18 years of age to build skills in order to attain and maintain suitable summer and after school employment. The program provides group workshops, individual support, and pathways to education or employment. Participants are paid a minimum wage per hour stipend to participate in the program workshops. Participants also have access to supported local job placements and job coaching to test their new skills and establish a foothold in the local labour market with supportive employers.

Youth Job Connection Summer

The Youth Job Connection Summer runs year-round and helps pre-train youth for summer work placements. Student youth ages 15-18 who are currently enrolled in education and may be facing various barriers to employment. They receive up to 30 hours of paid training and may receive other financial support in the form of bus passes, work clothing, etc.

Collingwood is a bustling city in the summers and there are lots of excellent opportunities for seasonal work that will prove to make local connections, get you out in the sun, or add the right experience to your resume to align with your goals. Reach out to TRACKS Employment to learn more.

TRACKS supports employers with training, financial support, and more. 

Some of the services offered to employers by TRACKS Employment Services include: 

  • Apprenticeship Training with financial incentives available 
  • Canada Ontario Job Grant for the training of existing employees
  • Employer services including a job board with financial incentives available

To learn more about the services available for job seekers and employers, visit the TRACKS website.