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OPP respond to calls about four dogs in hot cars this weekend

Huronia West OPP are reminding pet owners not to leave their dogs in a hot vehicle for any amount of time
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After three calls about pets left unattended in cars this weekend, a local police force is issuing a reminder to pet owners never to leave a dog in a hot car. 

Huronia West OPP was called three times between Aug. 12 and 15 by concerned citizens noticing dogs left in vehicles. Four dogs had been left in vehicles. 

Police are reminding pet owners that the interior of a car absorbs heat and therefore give off heat. An animal left inside a vehicle will add more heat and humidity, and in turn their core temperature will increase so much that panting will not help them cool off. 

According to an OPP release, there have been studies indicating a vehicle parked in 30-degree weather can reach temperatures of 46 degrees in 20 minutes. Animals can suffer organ damage at this temperature, and can die. 

Canadian law establishes that a domesticated pet is dependent on the owner for proper care such as food, shelter and water. The Criminal Code of Canada has specific sections that deal with the mistreatment of animals.

  • Cause unnecessary suffering - maximum sentence of 5 years in jail
  • Injure or endanger an animal - maximum sentence of 5 years in jail
  • Neglect an animal - maximum sentence of 2 year in jail

"Your pet will be more comfortable if left at home. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pet," states the OPP in a news release.