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Youth Centre's 24/7 food pantry is a Freedge-for-All

The fridge, freezer, and pantry was fully stocked as soon as it opened with donated food and personal care items available for free to those who need them

A new community project tacked onto the Collingwood Youth Centre will be housing donated food and personal care items and making them available 24/7 for anyone who needs them. 

Dubbed the Collingwood Freedge-for-All, and part of Project Butterfly, the free food pantry began with an idea from Ash Smith, who asked for support from the Collingwood Youth Centre to build the cupboard where items could be accepted by donation and taken by anyone. 

On Saturday, March 26, the Youth Centre held a grand opening for the community pantry/fridge, welcoming members of the community to the official launch. 

Donations can be accepted at anytime, simply add them to the pantry, fridge, or freezer in the striped shed at 76 First Street. The same goes for people who need items, the shed will be accessible 24/7 and items are there for those who need them. 

According to the Facebook page Collingwood Freedge-For-All, donations of fresh produce, non-perishables in their original packaging, bread (leave in the freezer), canned goods, frozen goods, beverages in their original containers, and personal care items, gift cards, and meals prepared in public-health-inspected kitchens with ingredient lists, locations, and preparation dates written on package are welcome. If there's no more room in the shed, there's an overflow bin nearby. 

Donations of raw meat, eggs, dairy, seafood, home-cooked meals, and alcoholic beverages will not be accepted. 

Enjoy these photos from the grand opening of the community fridge and pantry on March 26.