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Volunteers wade into battle against invasive species

A group of volunteers were chopping down phragmites on Collingwood's shoreline for Fight the Phrag, held Saturday, Aug. 18.

Volunteers trudged into the water off the shoreline of Collingwood with a clear target and plan of attack. 

They were there to chop down invaders, specifically the invasive species known as phragmites. 

This Saturday, Aug. 18, volunteers turned up at Hens and Chickens island to help Fight the Phrag, an annual event organized by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority to curb the spread of phragmites by chopping down the tall stalks and drowning the roots. This was the fourth year for the event. 

This event is part of the efforts of NVCA, Georgian Bay Forever, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation, the Town of Collingwood, local condominium associations, and concerned residents to monitor and control Phragmites. Over the past four years, volunteer cuttings have slowed the spread of Phragmites along the shoreline, helping to protect the rare Great Lakes coastal marshes found in Collingwood.

Enjoy these photos of Saturday's efforts. 


Erika Engel

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