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Town partners with conservation authority for stream study

'Rivers reflect the communities through which they flow,' states town

The Town of Collingwood will be working with the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority over the next four years to study the health of streams and rivers in Collingwood. 

The town announced the partnership in a news release this week, stating the goal was to better understand and discover the health of the urban streams that run through Collingwood. 

"The goal of the project is to better understand and characterize the health of Pretty River and Black Ash Creek," states a news release from the town. "By sampling water chemistry, aquatic insects, and fish, the town can compare the results from the NVCA's 2018 Watershed Health Checks to monitor changes and implement improvement projects." 

Collingwood council declared a climate emergency in October, 2019. Since then, with further support from council, the community-based strategic plan set a goal to work on creating a baseline and also improve environmental performance measures. 

"Rivers reflect the communities through which they flow," states the news release. "Good river stewardship upstream benefits those living downstream. But also, bad practices are reflected in downstream conditions."

Ongoing stream health monitoring has already begun. Both Pretty River and Black Ash Creek originate from the Niagara Escarpment and pass through The Town of The Blue Mountains and Clearview Township before flowing through Collingwood and into Georgian Bay. 

The town offered the following points to illustrate the benefit of both the Pretty River and Black Ash Creek: 

  • Recreation for local residents
  • Provides wildlife habitat
  • Green infrastructure (stormwater, effluent dilution, flood protection)
  • Important history (indigenous & post contact)
  • Healthy rivers keep the Collingwood harbour clean
  • Aesthetic and health benefits of living near nature
  • Property value benefits of living near nature
  • Helps local economies and improves tourism

Collingwood Climate Action Specialist Nicole Yardy and NVCA staff will be at Sidelaunch Days Festival this weekend with a booth in the vendor area on the Promenade. You can learn more by visiting the booth.

To learn more about the project please visit: