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Piece of Collingwood trail bridge washes up on Wasaga shore

A Wasaga Beach resident walking on the beach today spotted a railing and later recognized it in a CollingwoodToday story

While one Wasaga Beach resident was walking along the beach today, she spotted what appeared to be a fence or railing. 

Nancy Ludlow returned home to find a story on about a missing bridge from a Collingwood Trail and recognized the railing in the photo. It was exactly like the one she saw on Beach Area 5 earlier that day. 

In fact, Ludlow had found a piece of the trail bridge that connected Hens and Chickens Island to a shoreline trail. 

Jack Marley, a member of the Collingwood Trails Advisory Committee, went to the beach where he met Ludlow and recognized the railing. 

The railing she found went missing approximately a week ago, according to Marley. It was part of an upgrade to the bridge that Marley and four other volunteers worked on last August to extend the bridge further out to account for rising water levels.

A large portion of the old section of the bridge (Marley estimates it's more than 20 years old) was carried away in March this year during a severe wind storm. That part of the bridge remains missing. 

Marley is making plans to pick up the railing at Wasaga Beach so it can be used again.


Erika Engel

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