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Look at the forest through the trees, then tell the town what you see

The town of Collingwood is looking for feedback on the Urban Forest Management Plan via an online survey
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Engage Collingwood is a new public engagement platform launched by the town of Collingwood with its new website.

The Town of Collingwood is eager to hear feedback on the proposed Urban Forest Management Plan via two new surveys on Engage Collingwood. All residents, businesses, and stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback until Sunday, June 30.

The goals of the proposed Urban Forest Management Plan include:
  • Develop a vision for the urban forest
  • Conduct an inventory and assessment of the current status of the urban forest
  • Update the Tree Canopy Study
  • Develop a 10 year strategic plan with goals
  • Define objectives and actions based on information gathered
  • Produce an implementation plan with dates and responsibilities
  • Develop a monitoring plan with a matrix to check effectiveness and revise the plan as needed
The Urban Forest Management Plan, which is being built by the Town’s Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department with funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, will outline the opportunities and resources for a sustainable urban/community forest for the health and benefit of our citizens and the environment. 
The Plan applies to managing Town-owned trees along roads and in parks, and recommendations to improve policy supporting the urban forest in general; including privately-owned trees. The project team also seeks input on the Vision, Guiding Principles, and Goals of the Urban Forest Management Plan.

The feedback from these surveys, along with feedback received at an Open House on Wednesday, April 24 at the Central Park Arena, will help shape the Urban Forest Management Plan and the future of our community. Thank you to all who take the time to participate.

Visit to have your say.