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List of witnesses at 28 as inquiry hearings continue today

Former mayor Sandra Cooper is scheduled as the first witness in today's session of public hearing beginning at 1 p.m.
Former mayor of Collingwood, Sandra Cooper, is the next witness on the list at the Judicial Inquiry hearings today. Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

Hearings for the judicial inquiry into the 2012 Collus share sale continue today beginning at 1 p.m.

Based on the schedule, today should include testimony from the former mayor, Sandra Cooper. She will be questioned by the counsel for the judicial inquiry, and each party with standing in the inquiry will have a chance to cross-examine after that.

The hearings are scheduled to continue at 10 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday (April 24 and 25) this week as well.

Parties with standing and the ability to cross examine witnesses include:

  • Alectra: formerly PowerStream, and the company who purchased 50 per cent of Collus shares in 2012.

  • Paul Bonwick: a lobbyist and consultant who had a contract with PowerStream at the time of the sale. He is also former mayor Sandra Cooper’s brother.

  • Sandra Cooper: the mayor at the time of the share sale.

  • Tim Fryer: the former chief financial officer at Collus

  • Ed Houghton: the former president and CEO of Collus, the former director of public works for the town, and the former interim CAO of the town of Collingwood.

  • The Town of Collingwood

  • EPCOR: the company that now owns 100 per cent of of Collus and the town’s current electricity provider.

So far, the hearing has heard testimony from two witnesses, town clerk Sara Almas and the former CAO, Kim Wingrove.

Not all parties have completed their cross-examination of Wingrove. Since she is now on holidays, the Commissioner, Justice Frank Marrocco, said he would bring her back later in May.

The list of witnesses provided by the inquiry includes 28 people with an additional four written statements.

Following Sandra Cooper will be deputy mayor Rick Lloyd then former councillor Ian Chadwick, who also did contract work for Bonwick’s communications company, Compenso Communications Inc.

The rest of the witness list includes the following:

  • Pam Hogg: formerly the executive assistant to Collus President and CEO Ed Houghton

  • Cindy Shuttleworth: Collus financial controller

  • Ralph Neate: Collus Power’s auditor with the firm Gaviller and Company

  • Larry Irwin: former Director of Operations and IT Services for Collus

  • Cynthia Chaplin: between 2004 and 2014, she served as a member, Vice-Chair, Chair and interim Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Energy Board.

  • John Herhalt: part of KPMG, the consulting group hired to help develop a request for proposal for the Collus share sale

  • Jonathan Erling: also part of KPMG

  • John Rockx: also part of KPMG

  • Tim Fryer: Chief Financial Officer of Collus at the time of the sale

  • David McFadden: former chairperson of the Collus PowerStream board, and a member of the Strategic Partnership Task Team responsible for choosing a successful bidder in the share sale.

  • Doug Garbutt: Collus board member and member of the Strategic Partnership Task team

  • Ron Clark: a lawyer with Aird and Berlis (lawyers from this firm represented both PowerStream and the Town of Collingwood in the share sale, according to the inquiry’s documents).

  • Leo Longo: a lawyer with Aird and Berlis acting as the town’s solicitor during the sale

  • Kristina Gaspar: manager of strategy and risks at Hydro One Networks Inc. during the bidding process of the share sale.

  • Max Cananzi: formerly president and CEO of Horizaon Utilities, one of the companies bidding on the shares, now president of Alectra Utilities Corporation

  • Michael Angemeer: President and CEO of Verdian Corporation, another unsuccessful bidder in the share sale.

  • Brian Bentz: president and CEO of PowerStream at the time of the sale

  • Dennis Nolan: formerly executive vice president of corporate services and secretary for PowerStream Inc.

  • John Glicksman: PowerStream chief financial officer at the time of the sale

  • Kevin Lloyd: former town councillor

  • Darryl Dorchak: Chief Operating Officer for Amaizeingly Green Products

  • Peter Budd: Chief Operating Officer of International Solar Solutions Inc., part of the group selling solar-powered roof vents, a group that included PowerStream and Collus.

  • Shirley Houghton: Wife of Ed Houghton and hired by Compenso Communications (Paul Bonwick)

  • Ed Houghton: formerly the president and CEO of Collus, the director of public works for Collingwood, and interim CAO of the town.

  • Paul Bonwick: owner of Compenso Communications Inc. a lobbyist and communications consultant who was hired on contract by PowerStream during the share sale.


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