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Hydrant flushing underway in east end

You may notice discoloured water while flushing occurs nearby
File photo by Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

Town staff are currently flushing fire hydrants in Collingwood's east end.

The task is done annually (some in the spring and some in the fall), and is used to extend the life of the town's water mains.

Flushing the hydrants involves letting water run until it turns clear. It will often start out a rusty brown colour due to sediment and deposits that naturally occur over time. 

Without flushing, those deposits can cause water quality deterioration including discolouration, taste, and odour problems. 

The town's water distribution network includes 242 km of water mains ranging in size from 100 mm to 600 mm in diameter. 

While flushing the hydrants, staff will take chlorine residual and flow-pressure readings. 

If a water main is being flushed nearby your house, you may notice discolouration in your tap water due to the extreme flow of water rushing through the pipes when the hydrant is flushed. If your water is discoloured, wait an hour and try again.  

According to a notice posted on the town website during the fall flushing, slight discolouration can occur for a few hours in some cases. The discolouration only affects the appearance of the water, not the taste or quality, according to the town.

If you have any concerns, you can call the town's water department at 705-445-1581, ext. 3320



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