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Hewitts and Simonato dominate Legion’s awards

Legionnaire of the Year Award, the John McPherson Plaque was presented to a couple for the first time
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History was made at Branch 63 Royal Canadian Legion Sunday as the Legionnaire of the Year Award, the John McPherson Plaque was presented to a couple for the first time.

Taking home the honour were Val and Bob Hewitt. They were honoured for the work done in the past year as they hosted Friday nights at the Branch. The Friday night events included dinner, meat draws and karaoke. The couple could also be found in the Branch at others times working for the cause.

Top honours on the Ladies Auxiliary side of the Branch was Mary Lou Simonato as she earned the Marjorie and Donald Barber Plague as the Lady of the Year. With 66 years of service under her belt Mary Lou was totally surprised and thrilled at the honour.

Service pins

Branch president Rob Graham presented the service pins to Legion members starting with 10 year pins being announced.

Getting their 10-year pins were Cedric D’Souza, Murray Gauley, Al Peters, James Gardiner, Gordon McClelland, Doris Larkin, Michael Graham, Pat Wensley, Dan Chater, James Cree, John Smith and Jeff Reilly.

15 year pins - Garnet Reid, Karen Kristy, Sheila Higden, Rochelle, Norbert, Roselle Reid, Richard Baldry and Allen Holton.

20 year pins - Donald Kelly, Norm Baker, Robert Madigan, Larry Irwin Jr., Ross Parr, Grant Tyler, Steven French,  Trish Irwin, Fern St. Onge, Curt Barrett, Mike Flood, Randy Neilly, Mike Neison, Dale Parrish, Gary Spencer, Laurie Weir and Thomas Wilson.

25 year pins - Fred Whitehead, Pablo Buestos, Nancy Phillips, Stephen Hogg, Heather Chute, Michael Jamieson, Rob MacNicol, Doreen Mathieson and John Walker.

30 year pins - Robert Clayton, William Caesar, Allan Swan and William Eichler

35 year pins - Dan Blackwell, John Wagner, Ron Bevan, Helen Jamieson, Bruce McInnes, Brenda McSorley, Debbie Michie, Penny Prosser, David Smales, Sandy Marshall.

45 year pins - Joe Burlock, Harvey Purnell, Gary Bitters, Murray Doupe, Bob Flint, Doug Garbutt, Roger Martin, Tom McKean, Bill Middlebrook, Howard Ferguson and Mitchell Murray.

Barry Lewis earned his 50-year pin while Fred Stephenson was presented with his 55-year pin.

The Ladies Auxiliary pin presentation was presided over by the Auxiliary president Helen Jamieson.

15 year pins - Gail Samuelson and Jana Sylvester
20 year pins - Nancy Phillips
25 year pins - Joanne Francis
30 year pins - Beth Purnell
40 year pins - Sylvia Wilson
45 year pins - Donna Spencer
Certificate of Appreciation - Cedric D’Souza

Executive bars were presented to Bev Stephenson and Bev Heron.

President Rob Graham introduced MPP Wilson and Mayor Cooper who both brought greeting to the Branch. Mr. Wilson spoke on behalf of the government-elect while Mrs. Cooper spoke of the good relationship between the town and the Legion.