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Here's what caused the Collingwood boardwalk fire

Hint: It was not a discarded cigarette.
Deputy Fire Chief Dan Thurman said the fire started in the bullrushes and came across the field to the boardwalk. Stuart Snelgrove for Collingwood Today

Collingwood Deputy Fire Chief Dan Thurman said the boardwalk fire started because of a bonfire in the field adjacent to the boardwalk. 

Fire crews discovered the abandoned bonfire site after putting out the fire on the boardwalk. The fire started on May 9, and the fire call came in about 6 p.m. Firefighters fought the blaze but were called back again later that evening as the flames had reignited. 

The blaze consumed about 100 feet of the boardwalk trail at Harbourview Park. The trail is cordoned off now and will be for a while according to Thurman. 

Collingwood OPP did attend the fire. 


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