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Hamilton Drain Trail crosswalk back in service

The crosswalk was out of order for almost two months due to vandalism
The crosswalk on Hurontario Street at the Hamilton Drain Trail is now complete. Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

The Hamilton Drain crosswalk is back in service, after being out of order for several weeks due to vandalism. 

The crosswalk button was vandalized in July and new parts have been slow to arrive due to COVID delays. The crosswalk was first installed in November 2019. 

However, the town announced this morning the crosswalk is reopened and reactivated. 

The signal allows pedestrians to cross Hurontario Street south of Stanley Street. Pedestrians must push a button to activate flashing lights, and vehicles must stop when the lights are flashing to allow pedestrians to cross. 

“Signage will be in place informing the drivers of the new crossover,” notes the town website. “The OPP has been asked to monitor driver behaviour.” 

Pedestrians are required to make sure drivers and cyclists have enough time to stop before they begin to cross, and they should make it clear they want to cross. Pedestrians should only cross when traffic has come to a stop and it is safe to cross. 

Drivers and cyclists must stop for pedestrians at the marked yield bar and allow the pedestrian to cross the entire width of the road before driving. 

Erika Engel

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