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Half-full or half-empty, these glasses have a message and a cause

Custom designed pint glasses use Collingwood icon to fortify residents and spread the love with a fundraising campaign

A Collingwood resident, inspired by the creatives around him and finding himself with a little extra time on his hands, is taking a glass-all-the-way-full approach to pandemic life.

Paul Brown decided to create his own fundraising campaign, calling it Local Love in a Global Glass.

Brown is now over halfway to his goal of raising $2,000 for United Way Simcoe Muskoka, which he is doing so by selling Collingwood-branded beer glasses he designed himself.

Like many others, Brown found himself off work for a few months after mass closures due to COVID-19. With a musician for a wife and an artist for a brother, everyone around Brown was creating.

“I had this overwhelming urge to create something, too,” said Brown.

Brown snapped a photo of the Collingwood Terminals and started playing around with editing software on his computer.

“I was feeling pretty blessed to be in Collingwood with my family and a job to go back to. But I know a lot of other people are really struggling, so I wanted to find a way to give back,” he said.

After a bit of deliberation, Brown settled on the design, with the words ‘Collingwood Withstood’ sprawled across the columns of the Terminals.

“Collingwood is a special place and I feel like, through all of this … people around here all sort of withstood and made it through,” he said.

Brown thought about printing the image on T-shirts, but wanted more of a one-size-fits-all model, so he settled on pint glasses instead. A set of two glasses costs $30, with $20 of each purchase donated to United Way.

“With the glasses, the idea is you buy two and then when this is all over you get a friend to cheers with,” he said.

Brown prepaid for a large shipment of glasses, and said the pile in his garage is slowly diminishing. He has already donated $1,000 to United Way and is looking forward to handing over another $1,000 once the last of the glasses have been sold. Brown is hand-delivering every order.

He liked the idea that United Way had the option to donate directly back into the community he is so thankful for.

“You never have [this] kind of time. So when I did I just thought, I am going to do something with it,” said Brown.

To order glasses for yourself, email Brown at

Maddie Johnson

About the Author: Maddie Johnson

Maddie Johnson is an early career journalist working in financial, small business, adventure and lifestyle reporting. She studied Journalism at the University of King's College, and worked in Halifax, Malta and Costa Rica before settling in Collingwood
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