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Distracted driving surpasses impaired driving as biggest threat in car-related deaths, survey finds

Four-in-10 people feel that way
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Many Canadians believe distracted driving is the number one threat when it comes to car-related deaths.

According to a survey from, four-in-10 people said distracted driving was worse than impaired driving.

More than half of Canadians surveyed between the ages of 18 and 34 said they have told a driver on more than three occasions to stop using their phone behind the wheel.

As for what kind of distracted driving they believe contributes to crashes, texting came out on top as the number one culprit. That was followed by making a hands-free call, eating, drinking coffee, and using a GPS.

“The fact that Canadians are now acknowledging distracted driving as the number one threat to fatalities on the road is significant,” said Paul Kovacs, Road Safety Ambassador, “Learning that passengers are now speaking out and taking action when observing distracted driving behaviour is an important new finding.”

Many Canadians also apparently feel stricter measures work to help discourage impaired driving. The majority of people surveyed — 67 per cent — even said they believe stiffer penalties should be brought in for young novice drivers.

Meanwhile, almost all Canadians surveyed — 95 per cent — believe the dangers of distracted driving should be taught in school.

Story by Amanda Wawryk - NEWS 1130