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VIDEO: Collingwood harbour swans grow family with three fuzzy cygnets

A pair of swans is raising three babies on the shoreline of Collingwood's harbour
These two swans - a cob and pen - have made a home on Collingwood's shoreline near the amphitheatre. Erika Engel/Collingwood Today

Collingwood resident Frank McNulty spotted this bevy of swans along the Collingwood shoreline. The cob and pen swan have three cygnets, and can usually be spotted near the amphitheatre by Collingwood harbour. The video below shows the fuzzy little cygnets staying close while mom and dad dive for food. 

According to Environment Canada, these are mute swans, which are non-native, invasive species in Ontario. They typically lay a clutch of eggs between March and early May. They can be very aggressive in defence of breeding and brood-rearing territory from March through August. A successful pair will return annually to the same location.