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Collingwood gets silver bike-friendly community designation

This year's award is one-up from the bronze level first achieved by the town in 2017
The bike shelter in the municipal parking lot behind the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena off St. Marie Street was installed this year.


Announced earlier today by Share the Road Cycling Coalition (STR) and its partner the Canadian Automobile Association, the Town of Collingwood is pleased to receive the Silver Bicycle Friendly Community Award.

Collingwood was awarded the bronze level award in 2017, and has made significant improvements to encourage cycling in the community including since that time: 

  • Transforming the Trails Advisory Committee to a Trails and Active Transportation Committee, to ensure the needs of cyclists are met. 
  • Launching an Active Transportation Plan and Cycling Plan.
  • Completed connections between the north-south trail corridor to the east-west cycling corridor through town.
  • Bicycle education, including on-bike programming, and School Travel Planning projects in four schools.
  • Diverse community engagement strategies reaching various population groups, ages and abilities.

“It is truly a team effort that has brought cycling and active transportation to the forefront of all town activities. Our extensive network started as small sections of trails that grew because of increased use and public demand. Connections to active transportation routes have resulted in residential developments that promote their connections to the trails and safe routes to school,” says Wendy Martin, manager of parks.  “Our ultimate goal is to make cycling and active transportation everyone’s first choice when leaving the house, and make hopping into a vehicle secondary”.

STR’s Feedback Report to Collingwood highlighted scenic and extensive off-road trail system that attracts both locals and tourists and a highly-engaged Trails and Active Transportation Committee with formalized partnerships with Parks and Recreation, Engineering, and Public Works, as community strengths. Further, the School Travel Planning committee with representation from a variety of key stakeholders, including public health, school administration, municipal staff, enforcement, and environmental groups was also recognized.

“This recognition reinforces council’s ambition and our community’s desire to work proactively to promote active transportation that is safe and accessible. We can do more and will now set our sights on reaching the gold standard,” says Mayor Brian Saunderson.