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Apples, penguins and physics come together for Collingwood grad

People of Collingwood: Emrys Halbertsma, University of Waterloo student and author
Emrys Halbertsma is a University of Waterloo student and author. Contributed image

A Pretty River Academy graduate has taken his love of science and distilled it into a story of cute animals and fruit.

For this week’s edition of People of Collingwood we sat down with Emrys Halbertsma, 22, a University of Waterloo student and author.

Q: For how long have you lived in Collingwood?

A: My family moved to Collingwood about six years ago.

Q: What brought your family here?

A: I used to go to a Canadian abroad school. (My parents) figured it was a good idea to stay within that same system for my brother and I. Canada seemed like a nice country to live in, for university and for my parents to work.

I had a number of teachers from Collingwood (through that program) that recommended it.

Q: So your family immigrated to Canada six years ago?

A: Yes. We’re Dutch in nationality but we came from the Caribbean, in Saint Martin.

By the time we moved I only had one high-school semester left so I finished that up at Pretty River Academy.

Q: Where did life take you after that?

A: I go to the University of Waterloo for mathematical physics. I’m in my fourth year now.

It’s all online right now, so I’m splitting my time between Waterloo and Collingwood.

Q: You wrote a children’s book. Can you tell me how that came to be?

A: It actually started as a school project for my Grade 11 physics class. It was a project about communicating some of the concepts we had learned; either a video or an article.

I decided to write a children’s book.

There’s a quote by a physicist Richard Feynman. He said something like, if you can’t explain concepts in a very simple way such that pretty much anyone can understand them, then that shows that you don’t really understand the concept.

I always thought that was a really interesting idea. That’s what led to the goal of the book, to make a couple of fundamental physics concepts really easy to understand.

Q: What’s the story?

A: It’s called Penguin Does Physics.

It’s about a penguin. An apple falls on his head and he goes on a trip trying to figure out what caused this apple to fall the way it did.

Q: The book is now available for purchase on Amazon. How did you get from writing the book to deciding to publish it?

A: My teacher really liked it and she suggested trying to publish it. It stayed on my hard drive for a few years. (laughs)

My mom started a small publishing company. It was one of her childhood dreams to start a small publishing company. Over COVID, she had the time to get the ball rolling on it.

Q: Would you consider writing more books?

A: I would. I really enjoyed the process for creating this book. I drew everything by hand, uploaded it to my computer and digitized it. I was happy with how it turned out.

Maybe in the future I’d be interested in doing a short series on different science concepts.

Q: Do you have other hobbies?

A: Yes, quite a bit. I run and cycle. Through my university, I’m also involved in a student design team that I spend quite a bit of time on.

I like to learn.

I’ve recently got into automotive maintenance. (laughs) I like to fix up my car and learn how to do that myself.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I ask myself that same question. (laughs)

There are a lot of things I find interesting. It depends on what opportunities present themselves.

I’d like to do a master’s degree, probably in math or mechanical engineering. After that, we’ll see.

I’m interested in education, sustainability, engineering, design.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like people in Collingwood to know about you?

A: I definitely love the area of Collingwood and it was a fantastic place to move to. I’ve made a lot of friends here.

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