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17 more building projects exempted from development freeze

Town says exempted projects are 'minor' and will require 76 single dwelling unit's worth of water allocation
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Erika Engel/CollingwoodToday

Collingwood council has approved interim control bylaw exemptions for 17 properties in town, allowing staff to issue building permits. 

Currently, the interim control bylaw in place puts a pause on new development unless council grants an exemption. The bylaw was put in place when staff announced there was not enough remaining water capacity to meet the needs of new units projected to be built before the water treatment plant expansion is complete in 2025. 

The 17 projects represent a total municipal servicing capacity commitment of about 76 SDUs (single detached unit equivalents). The town is defining them as minor residential development, which includes new dwellings on existing lots and accessory residential units.

The projects given initial approval by the committee on Monday are:

  • 111 Napier Street
  • 1 Nettleton Court
  • 10 Dey Drive
  • 68 Georgian Manor Drive
  • 33 Glen Road
  • 7704 Poplar Sideroad
  • 40 Georgian Manor Drive
  • 65A and 65B St. Vincent Street
  • 80 Madeline Drive
  • 9 Juniper Court
  • 132 Bartlett Boulevard
  • 9402 Beachwood Road
  • Summitview Subdivision (51M-1170, Lots 42-47, 181-195, Blocks 236-254, 294 & 295)
  • 2 Spruce Street
  • 10 Golfview Drive
  • 142 Sixth Street
  • 60-62 Collins Street
  • 502 Hume St. (Candlewood Hotel, formerly a proposed office building)

The deadline for the next round of exemption requests is Aug. 15, and those applications will be considered by council on Sept. 6 and 19. 

In the summer of 2021, Collingwood council granted 36 for construction of 316 single-dwelling equivalent units. Later, exemptions were granted for 18 industrial, commercial, and institutional changes or use of accessory residential units.