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LETTERS: Gun club came before condos, noise should be expected, say letter writers

Two readers respond to letter complaining about gun club noise
2021-03-19 Letter to the editor
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The following letters were sent in response to another letter entitled: Resident annoyed by noise from neighbouring gun range.



I feel compelled to respond to James Parsons’ letter complaining about noise from the gun club.

I am not a member of the Collingwood Gun Club, or any other gun club, and I do not own any firearm, but I do have to say the noise from a construction site and noise from the Collingwood Gun Club are two entirely different matters.

The people living around a construction site, by logic, were there first and have a right to complain about new ongoing noise infringing on the quiet enjoyment they have previously been accustomed to.

However, the gun club was there before almost all of the residences now surrounding it. The people that moved in near the existing gun club have no more right to complain about gun noise than someone who moves in to live under the departure path of an existing airport runway has a right to complain about jet noise.

If they did not know the gun club was there when they bought, they have a right to complain to the realtor who neglected to disclose that important detail.

John Rinella
Collingwood, ON



In response to Jim Parsons comment about noise from the gun club. 

Which was there first – the gun club or the condo development? 

While I can sympathize with the noise issue, complaining about noise coming from something that might have existed before you move to the area is like buying a house next to an airport and then complaining about the planes taking off.

Jane Gibson
Collingwood, ON