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LETTERS: Collingwood residents critical of proposed downtown archway

'Welcome to Coney Island,' writes one resident, who dislikes the arch design
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The following letters were submitted in response to an article entitled: Council asks for report on archway after 'negative' public response.


It looks like something from the 1940’s and it reminds me of you are entering “Wasaga Beach” or some kind of amusement park. Not an attractive addition to our beautiful downtown area.

Please have them get feedback from the public. Dollars could be well spent in other ways.

Linda Flemington
Collingwood, ON


I’m a definite and resounding no!

It detracts from what is already obvious. We have a lovely, historic district that speaks for itself. The arch is reminiscent of “Welcome to Coney Island.” 

We’re not just a tourist town, Collingwood has a rich history and well-preserved downtown for the most part.

It’s tasteful. The arch is not. It is a colossal waste of money that would be better spent preserving and restoring the architecture or other beneficial enhancements for all to enjoy.

Ani Redston
Collingwood, ON


Perhaps the downtown area is hard to find, as you state, because there is none. Look at the picture of the arch, it looks as if you enter an industrial area.

Dorit Murray
Collingwood, ON