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LETTERS: Arch rivals sound off in favour and against downtown sign

In more letters to the editor, residents ask for their support or opposition of the archway sign to be noted
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The following letters were submitted to CollingwoodToday in response to a proposed arch sign for Collingwood's downtown. You can read more about the proposal here.


Well, since everyone is weighing in on the arch and town council intends to act on what we say, here's my two cents: I am for the arch.

I remember before I lived here I didn't even know Collingwood had a downtown, but we do and it's nice – worth visiting. The arch will help people driving by on First Street become aware of this fact.

In my opinion, the design is appropriate and will add visual interest.

Rob Johnston


Regarding the proposed Collingwood arch, I think the question is really one of whether it is necessary or not.

Driving north on 124, you land right in the middle of our business district. Coming in from Highway 26 east or west takes you to the corner of Hurontario and First St., which are plainly where the "action" is. From there, it is obvious that there are other busy nearby streets to explore.

Collingwood, nestled between the mountains and Georgian Bay, sells itself for many good reasons. We don't need the arch.

Jan Eggett


Please add my name to the list opposing this plan. I agree with previous letters that it is tacky and serves no useful purpose.

The suggestion that it has federal/provincial financial support is no rationale for misspending money. For the portion that is controlled by the BIA, I would rather see it be returned to merchants as an offset on their taxes as they come out of this tough time we have had – or save it for something we really need. 

Jim Catton


If you are trying to add to the value of identifying the historic downtown area, why not keep the arch sign with the period of this town you are trying to identify. 

This rather ugly sign I am sure will blow down in the first winter wind storm, and. If you build it, good riddance to it if it does.

Come on, surely you can find in your creative minds another way to celebrate the heritage of our town that more reflects the times.

Maureen White


I hope the town does a survey to see how many residents like it. I think it looks tacky and haven’t talked to many who like it. 

Gillian Mayne