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LETTER: Resident fires back on noise from gun club

Original letter writer responds to comments from readers on gun club noise pollution
2021-03-19 Letter to the editor
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The following letter was submitted in response to previous letters entitled Gun club came before condos, noise should be expected, say letter writers. Letters can be submitted to [email protected]. Please include your full name, address, and phone number for verification. 



In response to Jane's comment, I certainly agree it would obviously be nobody's fault but my own if it were an airport but it's not -- just a shack on the other side of White's Bay.

It is not noticeable until they start firing their guns.

And to John's comment, I can assure him he will never find a listing for the sale of any property in the vicinity of the gun club that discloses its existence. The neighbours and their agents obviously fear that public knowledge of it will diminish their property values and they are correct.

And I have heard "They were here first," plenty of times. Things change. Cities don't permit shooting facilities unless they are enclosed.

Why does the town's noise bylaw permit a source of noise pollution at least as offensive as construction equipment seven days a week?

James Parsons
Collingwood, ON