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LETTER: Resident annoyed by noise from neighbouring gun range

Letter about leaf blowers prompts another resident to vent about gun range near condo community
2021-03-20 Letter

The following letter was submitted in response to a previous letter entitled Leaf blowers make construction site a noisy neighbour. Letters can be submitted to Please include your full name, address, and phone number for verification. 



I enjoyed reading Mark Wessel’s letter complaining about leaf blowers being used on the Monaco construction site.

While I certainly sympathize, at least he can look forward to that project being completed in a year or two and hopefully his neighbourhood will then become more peaceful.

Those of us who live within a kilometre or two of the Collingwood Gun Club on Whites Bay, however, are not so lucky. The club members are permitted to bang away every day of the week including Sunday, for most of the day. And even though they make a lot more noise doing that than do leaf blowers, they have been permitted to do it indefinitely under the town’s recently amended noise by-law. 

Beats me why a club facility consisting of a shack and a berm with a few targets with less than 100 members shooting guns all day gets priority over the right to peaceful enjoyment of hundreds of neighbours in multi-million dollar condo communities surrounding it. Who contributes more to the tax revenues and community welfare of Collingwood and who should move out to the countryside somewhere like the Blue Ridge Club?

Now let me think. 

James Parsons
Collingwood, ON