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LETTER: Raise income tax exemption to combat high housing costs

Letter writer says simple solutions should involve more government initiatives, subsidies, or studies
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It is somewhat disheartening that invariably the various persons who are running for municipal offices all seem to have the same answer to our local housing costs that the answer is more government initiative, involvement, subsidy or study in one form or another.

While we can all agree that $36,000 per year is only at best a marginal income for a single person in this country, at that income a person would be required to pay about $9,300 in income tax leaving them with $26,700 in take-home pay.

The simplest solution would appear to be to raise the basic exemption on income tax to over $30,000 per year across the board and let people keep more of their own money.

While municipal, provincial and federal governments would decry what such an initiative would "cost" the government, any one of us could easily point out dozens if not hundreds of wasteful and unnecessary government programs that we neither need nor can afford.

Paul Arnill
Clearview, ON