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LETTER: Priority should be housing for the homeless

'What is needed, and everyone in this town knows this, is a proper low-income housing project,' says letter writer
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CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor. They can be submitted through, or sent to [email protected]. Please include your full name, phone number, and town of residence for verification purposes. The following letter was submitted in response to a previously published letter entitled: LETTER: Homeless in Collingwood should be more concerning.



My concerns are about these families that were forced into this kind of poverty. It is a matter of a few months until our usual bitter winter arrives. While it is great for the skiers, it is not so great for people trying to stay warm.

Can these folks even get into town from their tent city homes to take advantage of some of the meals that are offered by the churches in town? Not that this is a solution but it is better than nothing.

What is needed, and everyone in this town knows this, is a proper low-income housing project to help these people get a helping hand and a place to live and preserve their dignity.

In this beautiful waterfront town, it is a blight on it to have tent cities for so many people.

Not only the disputed paint colours, but the bricks and mortar need to be put into a low-income housing project. The time to fuss over paint colours is after each and every person has a place to live. Collingwood needs to get its priorities straight and consider redirecting funds to this end.

Mary Lou Dunn
Collingwood, ON