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LETTER: Paid parking props up parks

Collingwood citizens bear brunt of the costs of caring, cleaning, and repair ... parking fees will help pay for those, says letter writer
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CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor. They can be sent to Please include your full name and address as well as phone number for verification purposes. The following letter was sent in response to two previous letters criticizing the price of paid parking. 



I have read with interest, of the previous two readers remarking about, in their estimation, the excessive costs for visitors who wish to enjoy our water area parks and children's play area. Although I do understand and appreciate the need for people who do not live near the water and who desire to enjoy our beautiful parks, they do not pay for that opportunity.

Paying $10 per hour helps to offset those costs, and keeps the population of the parks to a decent minimum in order that we Collingwood inhabitants can also enjoy our parks for the same reason. Many times I, an advanced senior, have driven to Sunset Point for the pleasure of enjoying the scenery and had to continue on along the road, back home.  

Is this fair to we Collingwood citizens? I think not. 

So, when council decided to install huge boulders along the street plus charge a parking fee, I was more than overjoyed. Finally, a chance to enjoy a few hours at the park without being crowded away.

So, all you folks feeling sorry for the visitors finding it difficult to afford the fees, please give a thought to us Collingwood citizens who bear the brunt of the costs of the caring, cleaning, and additional charges of repairing or replacing children's play areas.

Dorothy Wyldes
Collingwood, ON