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LETTER: Litter on area trail ticks off reader

'I hope whoever did this will read this and rethink their actions in the future,' says letter writer
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The trail system in Collingwood is fantastic. Every day I enjoy the trails near my home. My dogs and I are forever grateful to the town for their continued effort to make Collingwood a walk-friendly town. The town has even installed doggy waste bag dispensers at the trail heads and although it would be great for those bags to be compostable, at least the town makes it possible for dog walkers to help keep the trails clean.

I understand that some people may not care about the pristine environment or the beauty of the trees and nature. I know this because, as I walk the trails, I very frequently pick up a piece of garbage or two. Everyday there seems to be new evidence that some individuals are a little careless. It gives me pause for a moment but then I dispose of the item and move on.

Yesterday was different.

I arrived at the trailhead in the morning to see several items hanging from tree branches. At first, I didn’t know what it was I was looking at. When I got closer, I could see that it wasn’t shoes. It was unused doggy waste bags. Someone had decided to empty the dispenser below and spew them up into the branches of this tree. Why? I do not know.

I try to justify others’ actions usually. The candy bar wrapper must have dropped out of their pocket, or the empty pop can fell off their stroller or bike. But this was unjustifiable. Why would someone do that?

I am shocked and disappointed at whoever did this. Not only to pull all the waste bags out of the dispenser but then to throw them up into the tree branches. They are plastic and will be there for a long time. Perhaps damaging the tree or the animals that inhabit the tree.

I hope whoever did this will read this and rethink their actions in the future.

Allison MacLaughlan
Collingwood, ON