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LETTER: Elected officials must answer for Sunset Manor situation

Voters need to ask mayors, deputy mayors why there are empty beds while people are lined up to get into long-term care, says letter writer
2022-06-27 Sunset JO-001
Sunset Manor is a long-term care home in Collingwood operated by the County of Simcoe.

CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor ([email protected]). This letter is in response to our story, titled 'County fined over ongoing non-compliance issues at Sunset Manor,' published Aug.4.
This article describes in considerable detail the non-compliance issues found in the last year by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. These non-compliances have led to Sunset Manor not being allowed to admit new residents for a year.

The result is that in July of this year one-third of the spaces were empty in the Manor, even though we have long list of people waiting for admission to long term care homes.

Sunset Manor is owned by the County of Simcoe and thus County Council is ultimately responsible for what takes place in the Manor.

The article includes an interview with County staff, and carries remarks from the County Warden. The Warden's remarks mention monitoring and do not provide details of what council has done.

County Council is made up of 32 elected councillors who are also mayors and deputy mayors in the 16 Townships that comprise the County of Simcoe. So the question “what have the 32 councillors done in the light of the fact that the difficulties in Sunset Manor have been going on for over a year” remains not well clarified.

As local elections come soon, maybe it is time for the voters in the 16 townships to ask their mayors and deputy mayors what are they doing about the empty beds in Sunset Manor while people are lined up to get in.

Konrad Brenner
Ramara Township