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LETTER: Collingwood overdue for ward system

Current election cycle 'punctuates the confusion' as voters have to 'select a whopping seven councillors out of 12 running,' says letter writer
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With so many pressing issues before our town; the need for a new water plant, our ever-growing tax bill to the simple need to clean up our downtown core, a far less interesting but necessary issue seems to be once again slipping through the cracks – the need for a ward system in Collingwood.

How many residents know that out of the sixteen municipalities that make up Simcoe County only three don't have a ward system and Collingwood is one of them?

This current election cycle yet again punctuates the confusion presented to the voter when asked to select a whopping seven councillors out of 12 running. Four years ago many incumbents committed to looking into a ward system but nothing ever happened.

The average resident, when facing a problem is left to take a best guess at who to call with their concern. Many end up emailing or calling several if not all of the councillors.

The councillors around the table end up jockeying for favour with certain groups of residents rather than dedicating their time and energy to their assigned ward.

I wonder how many residents have seen any of the incumbent's faces at their door prior to this election cycle?

Many would be surprised to know that almost all of the incumbents live within just a few kilometres or blocks of one another.

Some of those running come up with the thinnest of arguments against a ward system such as, "it takes away from our small town feel."

I say to that argument, have you taken a drive around town lately? We have left the small town notion long ago, we are a growing town, a town that deserves localized councillors with a vested interest in their ward.

Who knows? Maybe we could even finally get the accountable governance we were promised four years ago. 

Ted Rowe
Collingwood, ON