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LETTER: 37 long-term care beds not being used is 'disgraceful'

Local senior says 'open Sunset Manor'
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CollingwoodToday welcomes letters to the editor. They can be sent to [email protected]. Please include your full name as well as your address and phone number for verification purposes. The following letter was submitted in response to an article entitled: One year later, admissions still halted at Sunset Manor


As a senior living in Collingwood I was of the understanding that if ever I suffered a stroke or dementia I would be looked after in a long-term care home in my hometown.

I realize now that I was totally naive and this is not the case. Being on the list for years for care is now the norm. Even in dire circumstances when the elderly spouse looking after the patient is exhausted and at breaking point being put on the crisis list means nothing: you still wait.

The only way things happen is if the carer collapses or dies. Then the patient is taken to hospital (taking up much-needed bed) until a space is found which could be anywhere in the province thus denying family from being able to visit regularly.

The fact that there are 37 beds available at a care home in Collingwood not being used is a disgrace.

As a manager in a previous life, I learned when you have problems you identify them and fix them.

To not have them fixed in eighteen months is a disgrace and any bureaucrat holding up the process should be ashamed and held to account. 

Open Sunset Manor!

Anne Small
Collingwood, ON