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Collingwood Youth Centre

About Collingwood Youth Centre

The Collingwood Youth Centre was built with you in mind and we want you to feel safe and welcome. We want you to build the skills that will take you where you want to go. We believe that if you invest in our youth, encourage their curiosity, and appreciate their talents and innovative ideas, they will soar. In our view, youth is the foundation of a strong future and thriving Collingwood community.

We work with youth to create a safe, relaxing and respectful environment that celebrates youth culture in all its diversity. With safety comes freedom for youth to explore opportunities for personal development, tackle problems and achieve new goals.

The Collingwood Youth Centre offers all kinds of cool things for you to do, including a technology centre, a recording studio, a culinary kitchen, video games, and tons more! Think of us as your hub where you can learn, socialize, and have fun.

We are here to help you build employable skills to access employment and connect with potential employers and community services.

The goal of the programming is to be a balance of:

  • Drop-in time for hanging out and having fun
  • Enrichment programming with a strong focus on technology and job readiness
  • Access to technology resources and entrepreneurial mentorship
  • Youth at Risk Style Support (provided mostly by SIF partners)
  • Leadership Development
  • Special events and field trips

We offer supportive, barrier-free activities that are conveniently located, skills-based, and engaging.