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$28K gifted to county to spend on PPE for area shelters

The money comes from the Canadian Medical Association Foundation to help protect vulnerable people from COVID-19
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Vulnerable populations within Simcoe County continue to be heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As demands on community services including social and affordable housing increase, the County is pleased to have received a gift of $28,000 from the Canadian Medical Association Foundation (CMAF) to purchase enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies for area shelters.

The funds will be delivered to the County thanks to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations, the result of a collaboration between the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the CMAF.

Over the past several months, municipalities have seen first-hand how vulnerable populations have been affected by this pandemic. Demand on County services has increased, and staff have been on the frontlines since the beginning, channeling financial aid to service providers and clients to support our communities.

The County of Simcoe provides leadership to local homelessness prevention community planning and funds numerous related programs and services.

The County currently provides funding to support several programs including eight homeless shelters, which offer lodging and personal needs to people experiencing homelessness on a short-term basis.

In March, the County re-acted swiftly to the coronavirus, authorizing shelters to move their residents to local motels, providing more than 720 unique individuals with continued access to shelter from March 20, 2020 to July 20, 2020 while mitigating the risk of community transmission. On average, the motel model shelter system supports approximately 200 individuals nightly.

As approved by County Council, these additional funds will be strategically targeted to have a significant impact at area shelters. The gift will support homelessness prevention, funding vital Personal Protective Equipment and enhanced sanitization measures currently in effect at area shelters to protect vulnerable residents and staff, while limiting the opportunity for community transmission of the virus.


“County Council is very grateful to the CMAF for this kind donation and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for their support in facilitating this critical initiative. As a result of the coronavirus, we are facing rising service costs across the board. We recognize the growing needs of our communities, particularly among vulnerable populations, as a result of the pandemic. This gift through the COVID-19 Community Response Fund for Vulnerable Populations will help support the purchase of vital PPE equipment to serve staff and clients at area shelters.”– Warden George Cornell

County of Simcoe is composed of 16 member municipalities and provides crucial public services to County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. Visit our website at