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Adopt Me: Sylvia is a sassy, outgoing girl (adopted)

She needs a patient family with no small children
2021-04-06 - AM Sylvia
Sylvia will need a family who is willing to put in the work so she can continue to make positive strides.

CollingwoodToday, in partnership with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Hey everyone! It's me, Sylvia!

Yes, here I am finally ready to find a new home of my very own!! My siblings and I came into the care of the wonderful team at the GTHS Animal Centre a few weeks ago when our family was no longer able to care for us. And even though we are still puppies we will be looking for special homes to help us grow into amazing, confident family members.  

Before I explain what my special home might look like, let me first tell you a little bit about myself. I'm SUPER CUTE...well, that's what I'm told... and just a little over 5 months old, weighing in at about 33lbs. I've still got some growing to do but will be a lovely size for a family dog in the right home. I've made some great progress in the time I've been at the GTHS and will need a family who is willing to put in the work so I continue to make positive strides.  

So, let’s start with a bit of my medical history - so, we've established that I'm cute as a button but are you also thinking "that cutie is a little straggly looking"?! Well, you're coat isn't quite as pretty as you might expect... YET! When I arrived at GTHS, the doggie doctor told my siblings and I that we had these creepy crawlies called "Mange." I know, I know!! It sounds scary! But we're all much better now (our coats are just a little slow to catch up haha).  

Personality wise, I am a pretty outgoing, sassy girlie with lots of energy to spare and one of my favourite things to do is to chase my brothers around. I've made lots of new friends here and am always excited to meet new people as long as they take it nice and slow. That's really been important for me to become more confident and the team here has been slowly introducing me to a whole bunch of new 'stuff'. For example, I had NO idea what a leash was for when I arrived but have made some progress walking on leash with lots of encouragement from everyone here.  

Have you ever heard of the Maremma Breed? No? Well, let's stop right here as I'd like you to go and 'read all about it' hehe as it will definitely be important for my new family to understand my breed and which characteristics and behaviours come along with that! You'll want to ensure you're not just mesmerized by my cute puppiness (tough, I know!) but that my breed and personality are what you're looking for too.   

Ok, so now here's where I tell you about this 'behavioural thing' that my new family will need to understand. I am a very FEARFUL girl! Yup, of pretty much anything and everything right now but I am getting better, I promise. And, in the right home where the humans are very familiar working with this issue, I will continue to improve. That right home will also mean no tiny humans, as they can be very scary when they're running around having a good time, so ages 12+ would be best for a girl like me please! This behaviour happens when puppies like me haven't perhaps had a lot of socialization or exposure to many things. So, I just need someone patient to show me that the world isn't so scary!  

I know...I've told you A LOT of information and I do have a lot of things I'm looking for in a home (so many requirements for a 5 month old baby! haha), so I'll do a quick recap for you! Finding a human who has knowledge of and understands fearful behaviour will be important! Doing research on the Maremma Breed definitely important! And just having realistic expectations for bringing home a shy, nervous and underexposed pup...I'll need all of my humans to be calm, kind, patient and positive with me!!  

So, I know I'm not going to be the right fit for everyone despite the fact that I'm still a puppy (and super cute). But just so you know, the GTHS humans here have my best interests at heart and just want to ensure that my progress continues and that I'm being set up for success in my new home. Just think though how amazing it will be to see me grow into a confident girl who will reward you with all of her love and devotion.  

If you think it sounds like we could be a great match, then please submit an application and the GTHS Adoption Team can give you lots more information about me. My adoption fee of $550 includes my spay, up to date vaccinations, dewormer and a microchip.  

I know my special someone will find me soon and I CAN'T WAIT!!!


*If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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