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Adopt Me: Polly is a quirky girl

She is looking for a home without young children
Polly- gotcha

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My name is Polly!

I'm a sweet pint-sized package if I do say so myself and at just about 1 year and 3 months old, I'm weighing in at about 45lbs! I'd say I'm the perfect little gal for many families but do have a few ‘quirks' hehe so will need to find the right someone to be the best Polly I can be! Anyways, I'll get back to that in a minute...

I'm a Northern girl and arrived at the GTHS Animal Centre back in March with a whole bunch of other dogs and cats! Since then, I was adopted by a lovely woman and we had SO much fun together! She says I'm a wonderful girl who is very clever and loves outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, it turns out she has these things called "allergies" and me being in the house wasn't making her feel very good... so, we had a tearful goodbye. I was then adopted again but unfortunately, the family found some of my ‘quirks' a bit too much so am back again at GTHS to find a new human to love. Third time's a charm...?

I know I'm a pretty gorgeous gal with these beautiful markings and I've been the perfect house guest here at the Animal Centre as I'm nice and quiet. I l just love playing fetch in the yard and will chase a ball for hours!! If you have a fenced yard, that would be pretty awesome!

So, let's talk about a few of my ‘quirks'... I'm a bit puppyish in a lot of ways still, like thinking it's pretty fun to grab stuff attached to the humans, like gloves, pant legs hehe... a bit naughty, I know! So, something we'll have to work on together to help me be my best self. As a result of these puppy-like behaviours, I'll be looking for a home with no young children (16+), pretty please. Since I'm still such a silly, young girl, having experienced humans who can continue to work on my manners and obedience with me sure would be great too!

As much as I love the humans, I can be a bit choosey with my doggy friends right now and seem to prefer males (okay, maybe I'm a bit of a flirt hehe). I think it will help to have experienced owners who can help me with my positive doggie interactions and help me learn that dogs of BOTH genders can be my friend! For this reason, though, I'll probably be looking to find a home where I can be your only doggie, please. I've also got this thing called prey drive so no small animals or cats will be a requirement in my new home for sure!

I really am such a sweet little girlie and will be looking to you for a bit of reassurance, guidance, and a lot of positive reinforcement during our first bit of time together. It will also be important that my new humans are willing and able to provide me with the consistent training required to address my mouthing behaviour and dog reactivity so that I'm able to be more confident in social settings with both dogs and humans.

I guess the last thing to share with you is that because the GTHS humans don't know too much about my past, it sure would help me out a lot if my new family brought me home with realistic expectations, and by this, I just mean being patient and understanding if I sometimes display some puppylike behaviours (you know, things like if I have an accident or chew something I'm not supposed to) just while I'm getting familiar with my new surroundings and learning proper doggie manners!

My adoption fee is $450 and includes my spay, up-to-date vaccinations, dewormer, and a microchip.

I can't wait to meet my special someone soon and start this fun new chapter together.

Just a little fun-loving gal,

xoxo Polly

*If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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