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Adopt Me: Kris is looking for an active family (adopted)

He needs an understanding owner who will engage him indoors while his leg fully heals

CollingwoodToday, in partnership with the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


Hey friends, Kris here. I'm a mega handsome guy over at GTHS looking to find myself a fun and loving home. I'm well-traveled, as I've come to Collingwood from way up in Northern Ontario. I've been enjoying settling in down south so far and I think I have all the ladies in love with me already *wink*

I have gorgeous eyes that win people over left, right and centre hehe and at a year old and about 60lbs, I think I'll fit quite nicely into a number of homes.

You may have noticed in one of my photos that I'm currently sporting the cone of shame (womp, womp). Well, this is because I arrived at GTHS with a pretty severe wound on my leg. Don't worry, though! It's healing up well and the medicine sure helps but uhm... I have a naughty habit of not leaving it I got coned. Anyways, we'll talk more about that later, let's get back to how wonderful I am!

Not only am I beautiful on the outside but I am certainly beautiful on the inside too. I'm very loving, affectionate and just aim to please! I'm quite clever too (the whole package, I know) and have already picked up a few basics commands like "sit" and "paw".

I am a pretty high energy boy though, so will need to find an active family who can meet my exercise and stimulation needs. I am happy to learn from my handlers and really try to always do my best for you (but I've been told I need a little help with my leash manners).

Because I have this silly wound that needed tending to, I was able to go into foster care for a little while. My foster humans couldn't say enough good things about me! They described me as warm, affection and always trying to make my humans happy. I have done very well during the night and have loved every single person I've met. I'm a very social boy who just thrives on that attention and affection from people!

I also appear to be quite dog social but unfortunately, due to my injury, I haven't really had a chance to have playtime just yet.

Now as much as I love getting out for lots and lots and lots of walks and hikes and explorations, I have to restrict my exercise for a bit longer while my leg fully heals. So, because I'm so high energy but can't run it out of my system, my new family will have to help me with other outlets for a few weeks! Since I'm so clever, things like Brain Games, Food Puzzles and other Indoor Enrichment will be very important. Don't worry, the GTHS humans can provide some great ideas for this sort of brain stimulation. Once I get the all clear, you better believe we'll be going on SO many fun outdoor adventures together!

I guess the last thing to share with you is that because the GTHS humans don't know too much about my past, it sure would help me out a lot if my new family brought me home with realistic expectations, and by this I just mean being patient and understanding if I sometimes display some puppy-like behaviours (you know, things like if I have an accident or chew something I'm not supposed to) just while I'm getting familiar with my new surroundings and learning proper doggie manners.

So, if handsome, intelligent and mega loving checks all of your boxes, then I sure hope you'll book an appointment to come meet me! My adoption fee is just $400 and includes my neuter, up-to-date vaccinations, de-wormer and a microchip.

xoxo Kris

*If you are interested in adopting me, please visit our main adoptions page ( for instructions on our modified covid adoption process*


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