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Simcoe-Grey Green candidate wants people and development closer

Profile: Allan Kuhn, Green Party of Ontario candidate for Simcoe-Grey
Allan Kuhn, Green Party of Ontario candidate for Simcoe-Grey

The seeds of environmental activism have grown into a desire to run for politics for Simcoe-Grey’s Green Party candidate, Allan Kuhn. 

The Angus resident and father of three adult children has spent his career in social farming, working in the non-profit sector to help adults with developmental disabilities develop garden skills. 

Kuhn said he has witnessed a ‘deterioration’ of community, both physically and emotionally and he believes the Ontario government has a role in bringing people back together. 

“I’ve watched our political system become so polarized over the pandemic and during the protests in Ottawa,” said Kuhn. “Nobody’s talking to one another, but the Greens are people who everyone can talk to.” 

Physically, he’d also like to see tighter-knit communities. 

“We’re watching farmland and wetland be gobbled up by urban sprawl, and that isn’t good for the future,” said Kuhn. “We’ve already got food security and housing cost issues. We need to return to more community- and main-street-minded development.” 

He said he wants the province to encourage infill development, rezoning to allow additional dwelling units on properties, and encourage duplex and tri-plex builds. 

“Simcoe-Grey has a lot of land and a relatively small population. We’re the stewards, and we have to act as stewards of this land,” said Kuhn. “Farm and wetlands are threatened.” 

Kuhn is one of seven candidates in the Simcoe-Grey riding including: 

  • Ted Crysler for the Liberal Party of Ontario
  • Brian Saunderson for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
  • Keith Nunn for the Ontario NDP 
  • David Ghobrial for New Blue 
  • Billy Gordon for None of the Above Direct Democracy Party
  • Rodney Sacrey for the Ontario Party 

Election day is June 2. Visit for local campaign coverage.