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Simcoe-Grey candidates share thoughts on Collingwood hospital

CollingwoodToday has asked provincial candidates on their stance on the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital
Clockwise from top left: Brian Saunderson for the PCs, Keith Nunn for the NDP, Ted Crysler for the Liberals, and Allan Kuhn for the Greens. asked the four main provincial candidates in Simcoe-Grey a series of six questions via email. The following responses were submitted by the candidates and/or their campaigns. The answers have not been checked for accuracy; they represent the candidates’ platforms and opinions. External links have been removed.

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Q: Collingwood hospital is in phase 2 of the capital redevelopment process, working toward a new or redeveloped hospital. Outgoing MPP Jim Wilson said he was pushing the government for a completely new hospital, for which land has been offered. What is your position on the Collingwood hospital project and what will you do to advocate for the hospital?

Keith Nunn, NDP: Andrea Horwath is the only leader with a plan to end hallway medicine inside Ontario’s hospitals, introduce universal Pharmacare for everyone, build the best home care services in the entire country, and fix the crisis in seniors care starting with taking the profits out of care.

We will restore hospital funding and make sure that it always keeps up with inflation, population growth, aging, and the unique needs of our communities.

We will prioritize badly needed hospital projects to ensure growing populations get the health care infrastructure they need. As your MPP I will begin work immediately to help secure funding and the right plan that the community wants.

Ted Crysler, Liberal: It is my commitment to advocate tirelessly to build a new hospital to replace the existing Collingwood General and Marine.

This is a unique opportunity to build a new state-of-the-art hospital on donated land. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real, long-term investment to strengthen healthcare for the people in our region.

Unfortunately, Doug Ford and Christine Elliot have made it clear that building a new hospital is not an option under a Conservative government. They have made it clear that current funding is only earmarked for renovating the existing Hume Street site. It’s another example of how this current government remains short sighted.

Now is the time to reimagine healthcare in our region and secure funding.

A new hospital means the facility will be built to reflect the needs of the community and will allow for a smooth transition as the old hospital can still operate. Building a health hub with a campus and academic facilities to attract critical healthcare workers is another way to ensure our region receives the best treatment and care.

A Liberal government will prioritize our healthcare system and ensure province-wide access to the best healthcare possible. As your MPP, I will work with regional experts, collaborate with local governments and make sure our voice and needs are heard and actioned at Queens Park.

Allan Kuhn, Green: It is wonderful to see that CGMH is in Phase 2!

We need to work as a community, with all stakeholders to develop a sound, sustainable plan that would allow the next steps to follow. If this is building a new Hospital, or renovating the current building, as is with the Stevenson Memorial Hospital, the decision should be in the hands of the community to make. I would advocate for the expansion and modernization of services to fit the needs of our expanding community for many years down the road, and I would advocate that this is a decision for those who call CGMH their community hospital. A community’s voice must be heard!

Brian Saunderson, PC: Since 2018, the Progressive Conservative Government has committed $15 million to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) for the Stage 2 planning and design processes. It has committed $6 million to the Stevenson Memorial Hospital expansion which has received Stage 3 approval. This is a government that is committed to ensuring our communities have access to state of the art healthcare facilities.

As mayor, I and council have supported the CGMH’s application for a new hospital in Collingwood completely. It was my motion as deputy mayor to ask the province for a MZO to move the hospital to Poplar Sideroad, which motion was unanimously supported by council.

I will continue to advocate for a new hospital for Collingwood and I will work collaboratively with the CGMH Board to make that happen.