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Ontario students elect NDP majority

Student Vote Ontario results are in, with NDP taking 28.6% of popular vote
student vote
Photo from Student Vote Facebook page

More than 250,000 elementary and secondary school students participated in Student Vote Ontario this week, coinciding with the 2022 Ontario provincial election.

After learning about government and democracy, researching the parties and platforms, and debating Ontario’s future, students cast their ballots for the official candidates running in their schools’ electoral district.

As of 6 p.m. today (June 2), 252,680 votes were reported from 1,672 schools, with results from all 124 provincial electoral districts.

  • The NDP took 28.6 per cent of the popular vote and won 75 seats, forming a majority government. Andrea Horwath won her seat in Hamilton Centre.
  • The Liberals will form the official opposition with 28 seats. The Liberals won 22 per cent of the popular vote overall. Steven Del Duca won his seat in Vaughan-Woodbridge.
  • The PC party took 18.7 per cent of the popular vote and won 17 seats. Doug Ford won his seat in Etobicoke North.
  • The Green party took 16 per cent of the popular vote and won four seats. Mike Schreiner won his seat in Guelph.

“We are excited to share the results of Student Vote Ontario, which marks the culmination of weeks of democratic engagement of young Ontarians,” says Taylor Gunn, president and CEO of CIVIX. “We are grateful for all the educators who dedicated time and energy to cultivating future voters this spring.”